Friday, January 14, 2011

Dual Purpose Blog

This blog is serving a dual purpose right now. I am participating in Edublog's Teacher Challenge along with Jim Groom's Digital Storytelling course ( so I begin my blog with a story about this blog (a combination of the first assignment for both courses).

It's been a year in the making, this blog (which I already know will not remain). I know and understand the importance of a web presence for people wanting to advance their career in today's technology saturated world. However, like many I just could not decide what to call a blog, how to start it, what URL to use, and the list continues. (And, I know the best way to get started is to "Jump In" and start.) In addition to this confusion, I brought a handsome little boy into the world a year ago, which really threw a monkey wrench into my personal technology interests and exploration. Add some personal chaos like an unfinished dissertation, a recently new move to the desert (I'm a mountain girl), new really fun career, and a new wonderment about life and you have the need for this blog. I am wandering around because my life direction has changed and I haven't had time to re-orient myself. I settled on the name of this blog because my dog passed away on New Year's Eve in the kennel while I was away visiting family. This incident left me wandering without my furry companion (I loved to walk him and think.). So, I present to you ... Wandering Pooch. Now, I know this blog will not remain in existence because it's not meant to be. It's only meant to help me find my new direction in life and career along with determining what I would totally enjoy as content for one or maybe two "professional" blogs.


  1. Wow,

    Congraulations on your new baby boy and the new position, and I am sorry about you dog---that's terrible. What's more, I relate to that sense of wandering, five years ago when i first moved to Virginia from NYC, I also had a one year old son, new baby, a dissertation in tatters, and a family emerging. It was a crazy time, but also some of the most defining moments of my life. Grab it by the horns, and the social web made my experience that much funner, and kept me closer with a ton of people from NYC and elsewhere I am so glad I didn't lose contact with.

    here's to your new wanderings!

  2. Wonderful start on your redefining blog. Best wishes to you in your new career, with your new baby and dissertation, and so many other changes!

  3. Great work! Jump and you have started. I love the title and I do hope that this blog does remain. It might change direction with time and the blog title can always be changed if you so wish. Our family dog, Molly passed away at the end of last year. She was more than 12 years of age, so I guess I am wandering as well! Welcome to the challenge and keep on posting.

  4. Thank you everyone. I really didn't think anyone would read my post so it was nice when I found out other people can relate to my experience!